A New Way of Old Thinking:
Established in 1999. We started with the premise of the "Old Fashion Doctor".  Modern
Computer systems are too complicated to unhook, load it into your vehicle in order to take it
to the nearest repair shop. Then you have to wait days and sometimes weeks for the store to
finally get around to fixing the problem. After all of that, you have to take the system home
yourself and try to remember where all the wires plugged into. Then you have to reconnect
the Internet all own your on. That sounds more complicated than most Customers want.

We cover the entire Central Texas Area.
We offer Residential Class Services where we
still make house calls!
We offer IT Support for small to mid size
Businesses on an as needed basis.
We repair/install both hard wired and wireless
There is never any charge if we don't fix the
We work on all makes and model systems,
Desktops and Laptops.
We sell new Custom Built Systems as well as
refurbished systems.
We design, launch and maintain websites to
your specifications.
Computer Consulting Services.
Virus & Mal-Ware scan, detection and removal.
Data retrieval, backup and protection.
Existing system upgrades.
Personalized Computer Instruction.
Parts, Sales Services and Financing* (W.A.C.)
We make House Calls:

Just as the "Old Fashion Doctor" did he would come to your place, rain or shine. Study the problem
and then make a diagnosis. Most problems can be fixed right there, and if they have to go to the
shop, we unhook them then transport the system to our shop, fix it and return it to your place and
completely reconnect everything and ensure everything works before we leave. Over 99% of our
jobs are completed within 24 hours, with some being completed without ever having to move the
system from where it's at right now!
Porter Enterprises
Technology with a Heart!
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