About Our Business
       Porter Enterprises was started in February of 1999. The main goal of the business was to become a
working man's repair man. We also specialize in catering to disable and elderly customers that are unable to
crawl around under a desk or table, unhook all the cables and then tote the system across town to a repair
shop where you become just a number. We consider ourselves privileged to be invited into your home, and
allowed to diagnosis and repair your system. The majority of the time the repair is simple and can be
completed right there, so we'll have you up and running in no time. And if the system has a larger problem we
will take your system to our shop, repair whatever is wrong, and then return the system right back to you and
hook everything back up the way it was for you. We will ensure that you have Internet connection and your
email functions as you are used to when the system is returned. We will also take the extra time to fully explain
what the problem was,
in terms you can understand. We will also spend the extra time to answer any
questions that you may have and explain things about the computer that you're not comfortable with.

Our main objective is 100% Customer satisfaction. I can proudly say we are standing at a 99.4% Positive
Customer satisfaction rate. In the 20 years we have been in operation we have done very little advertising.
majority of our customers come from referrals and recommendations. We proudly have over 200 Residential
Customers and over 150 Business Class Customers. 95% of the repairs we perform have less than a 24 hour
completion rate. I'm not aware of another single Computer Company that can take pride in those numbers.
a first time Customer, we will come to you, diagnosis your system, and give you a firm and
guaranteed price to fix your system, all for a $25.00 Service Call Fee.
If you can find it in your heart to
just give us a try, I rest assured you will add yourself to a long line of very well care for and very satisfied
Customers. Over the course of 20 long and very rewarding years, we can proudly say we have never lost
anyone's data from their computer. Which means, when you entrust us with your pictures, music and
documents, as long as they can be accessed, they are safe with us. All of your data is temporarily backed up
to our Servers while we work on yours so all that data is secure and safe.
Thank you, for taking the time to
visit our website and we hope you will find it in your heart to give us just one try. I promise you, you will be
fully satisfied or your money back. We also have both Business and Residential customers that will be more
than happy to furnish you references upon request. Thank you and God Bless!
Jack Porter
Senior Consultant
Porter Enterprises
Technology with a Heart!
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